Does indiana have an international airport?

Indiana's main airports are shown at the top of the page. There are 41 airports in Indiana. This is a list of some of the smaller airports. Despite the gaps, Indianapolis has consistently been praised as one of the best-connected midsize airports in the country.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) plays an important role in providing social, environmental and economic support to the Central Indiana community. Indiana airports have many facilities for the disabled, including accessible restroom stations, ramps and skycap services. Indiana Airports There are a total of 114 airports in Indiana, which have technologically updated systems and knowledgeable staff. It's an opportunity to show the economy, the award-winning airport and the cultural prestige of Indiana to approximately 800 decision makers from 80 airlines and 300 airports.

The rest of Indiana's airports only operate domestic and regional flights, and together they carry just over 1.5 million passengers each year. Indiana's largest international airport is Indianapolis International Airport, with a passenger number of 4655847 and the smallest airport is Evansville Regional, with a passenger number of 228850. Indiana's other two major airports are South Bend Regional Airport and Evansville Regional Airport. Thank you for choosing Indianapolis International Airport (IND), chosen as the best airport in North America by the Airports Council International and the best airport in the United States by Condé Nast Traveler readers, year after year.

Indiana's other international airport is Fort Wayne International Airport, and some of the airlines that serve this airport include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines and United Airlines. The airport wants to highlight brands that show Indiana's identity, and the new contracts will result in 45 percent of the available products produced or grown in the state. There are a total of 4 passenger service airports in Indiana, of which there are 3 international airports in Indiana.

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