How many airport does indiana have?

The state of Indiana has only 4 airports that offer commercial flights. Of those four, only one is medium-sized, and that is the Indianapolis airport. Indiana's main airports are shown at the top of the page. There are 41 airports in Indiana.

This is a list of some of the smaller airports. There are 114 public airports in Indiana. Indiana airports have technologically advanced systems and helpful staff. Indianapolis International Airport (IND) has an on-time arrival performance of 79.15%, compared to the 79.99% average in the U.S.

UU. The airport opened its doors as Indianapolis Municipal Airport in 1931 and was later named Weir Cook Municipal Airport. Indianapolis International Airport contains approximately 7,700 acres in Wayne and Decatur Townships in Marion County and also in Guilford Township in Hendricks County. With an airport directory, you can find all the airports located in the area where you are planning your next vacation.

Indiana's other two major airports are South Bend Regional Airport and Evansville Regional Airport. The main task of aviation in the state is to promote the development of aeronautics and the construction of new airports. Indiana Airports There are a total of 114 airports in Indiana, which have technologically updated systems and knowledgeable staff. Indiana airports have many facilities for the disabled, including accessible restroom stations, ramps and skycap services.

It was the first time that Evansville Regional Airport had new jet bridges, since US Air left Evansville Airport in the 1990s. Established as a municipal corporation by the General Assembly in 1962, the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) owns, develops and operates six airports in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The CheapOair airport directory contains the list of international and domestic airports in the area. The airport also offers many facilities for people with disabilities and therefore has special seats for them in bathrooms, assistance, ramps and Skycap services.

Use the airport directory to view all airports located in the state and take advantage of cheap flights to Indiana. The IAA is governed by an eleven-member voting board appointed by the mayor of Indianapolis, the president of the Indianapolis City-County Council, and officials from Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks and Morgan Counties. Indiana's other international airport is Fort Wayne International Airport, and some of the airlines that serve this airport include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines and United Airlines.

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