Is noblesville a suburb?

Noblesville, Indiana, is 21 miles northeast of Indianapolis, in the heart of Hamilton County. A combination of historic architecture, a picturesque city center and popular modern attractions places Noblesville on the map as a place that offers something for everyone. With more than 50,000 residents, Noblesville continues to grow and become a cultural and commercial destination. The district is a state leader in e-learning technology and high school internship opportunities, and they are often studied by other high-performing school districts.

Schools have more than 300 sports teams, clubs and organizations and are often recognized at the state or national level for their achievements. Conner's house in 1823 is now part of a town of historic buildings that form Conner Prairie Pioneer Settlement, a living history museum south of Noblesville, in Fishers. The Stephenson trial, which took place in the adjoining Hamilton County courthouse in 1925, broke the power of the Klan in Indiana and drew national attention to Noblesville. When looking for the neighborhood that's right for you, know that Noblesville is a city where everyone can find their community and your family can feel at home.

Families often settle in Noblesville because of its fun environment with an affordable cost of living and its proximity to Indianapolis. If you love hiking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors, Noblesville has several beautiful parks to explore. And every kid in Noblesville loves Alexander's on the Square, an old ice cream and soda shop that will make you nostalgic for the past. The history of Noblesville dates back to 1818, when the government purchased the land that is now Hamilton County from the Native Americans in this area.

Noblesville also attracted national media attention in 1965, when James T., editor of the Noblesville Daily Ledger, thanks to Nickel Plate Arts, residents of Noblesville can participate in a variety of art classes, exhibitions and special programs. Conner Street, which carries State Routes 32 and 38, is the main east-west highway that crosses downtown Noblesville. Noblesville is a city and the seat of Hamilton County, Indiana, United States, a part of the northern suburbs of Indianapolis along the White River. Noblesville was once noted for its flour mills, the best known of which was Noblesville Milling Company, a producer of Diadem and Kismet flours.

In 1973, Klan members organizing a march in Noblesville encountered counter-protesters carrying anti-Klan banners.

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