What cities in indiana have airports?

Indiana Local Airports · Eagle Creek Airport · Anderson Municipal Airport · Virgil I. Grissom Municipal Airport · Monroe County Airport · Mettel Field · Columbus. Indianapolis Airport is one of the medium-sized American airports, located 11 km from Indianapolis. The airport is the largest in Indiana and the only one with more than 1 million passengers.

Around 150 flights take place every day, and Delta and Southwest Airlines have the most flights. However, the airport also offers flights from low-cost airlines such as Allegiant and Contour. Atlanta and Chicago are the cities most connected to the IND airport. To get to Indianapolis, there are scheduled bus, taxi and car rental services.

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) has an on-time arrival performance of 79.15%, compared to the 79.99% average in the U.S. UU. The on-time departure rate is 82.21%, while the average percentage in the U.S. The rest of Indiana's airports only offer domestic and regional flights, and together they serve just over 1.5 million passengers each year.

The airport opened its doors as Indianapolis Municipal Airport in 1931 and was later named Weir Cook Municipal Airport. Indianapolis International Airport contains approximately 7,700 acres in Wayne and Decatur Townships in Marion County and also in Guilford Township in Hendricks County. Use the airport directory to view all airports located in the state and take advantage of cheap flights to Indiana.

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